How can I track my order (both new bow orders and parts/warranty orders)?

You will need to follow up with the dealer who placed the order. We do not log orders based on a customers name but rather dealers account information, for this reason we can not cross reference your name to find your specific order. Please contact the dealer you ordered your bow from for product availability.

How can I purchase a BowTech or Diamond bow if I don't have a Local Authorized Dealer?

In the event that there is not a dealer in your area you may qualify for "BowTech in the Boonies" please visit www.huntersfriend.com for more details on this program. This program is not available for customers that have Authorized BowTech Dealers within 30 miles.

Can I order directly from BowTech/Diamond?

<p>We are not set up as a retail facility and are not staffed to take retail orders. For this reason we do not sell directly to consumers but all orders need to be placed with your local authorized dealer. For a list of dealers near you please go visit our Dealer Locator - <a title="Mobile Dealer" href="http://bowtecharchery.com/m/#pages/dealerLocator.php" target="_blank">CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator</a>.</p>