When it comes to invention, we never rest.

The Octane Hostage Pro capture rest is proof. We took an idea that was pretty good and refined it to perfection. This could be the last full containment rest you ever own.

Read Keith Dunlap's Evaluation of the Hostage Pro on Bowhunting.net.


Silent Arrow Loading

Noise dampening pads hug the open circuit design for virtually silent arrow loading.

Complete Vane Clearance

These are the only rests available today that simultaneously prevent the arrow from falling off the rest and allow the vane to pass through without contact. This increases the life of the arrow, enhances accuracy and drastically decreases noise.

Open Circuit Design

Large capture area for use with large arrows and extended height vanes without any fletch contact. Opening at the top of the rest allows for easy arrow insertion.

Narrow Brushes

Fletch damage and noise, as well as speed loss, are eliminated. Fletching passes freely through without vane contact during the launch to deliver enhanced accuracy.

Adjustable Brushes

Allows the appropriate amount of brush tension for all arrow sizes.

Precision Vertical and Horizontal Adjustment

Featuring target quality tuning for vertical and horizontal center shot adjustment, the Hostage Pro can be tuned as accurately as any target rest, allowing for perfect arrow flight.

CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum

Provides durability and increased rigidity for an accurate shot every time.